The battle for VR supremacy begins in 2016. Oculus, the company that mainstreamed the virtual reality trend back in August 2012 with their overwhelmingly successful Kickstarter, has announced that the retail model of the Rift will (finally) launch in Q1 2016. Hey, perfection takes time, right?

Oculus Rift’s Consumer Model (Front)

Oculus will begin taking preorders for the consumer model “later this year.” An official price point has yet to be revealed, but the company promises that “in the weeks ahead, we’ll be revealing the details around hardware, software, input, and many of our unannounced made-for-VR games and experiences coming to the Rift.”

The final version of Rift is a considerable upgrade from the previous Crescent Bay prototype. Oculus is touting the retail model as having an “improved tracking system that supports both seated and standing experiences, as well as a highly refined industrial design, and updated ergonomics for a more natural fit.”

Coming 2016
Oculus Rift’s Consumer Model (Back)

It also appears as though Oculus plans to show off the retail version of the Rift at E3 this year. The Oculus blog finalizes their post with the tease of ” E3 is just around the corner — this is only the beginning.”

One thing is for sure though, Oculus is confident. They don’t plan to just “transform gaming”. No, the Facebook funded company has their eyes on a much larger prize, stating that “virtual reality is going to transform gaming, film, entertainment, communication and more much.”

We shall see early next year.

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