Reverse Crawl

Malaysian developer Nerdook looks to put a new twist on a familiar genre when they release their latest title next week. Called Reverse Crawl, the title looks to change dungeon crawlers forever as it allows players to control the dungeon. Nerdook’s twist on the popular RPG sub-genre will be available through both Steam and the Humble Store on September 24 for $5.99.

Money conscious gamers will be glad to know that if they pick up the reverse dungeon crawler in the first week, they’ll receive 10% off the regular pricing. Owners of Nerdook’s previous title, Vertical Drop Heroes HD, will also be able to purchase Reverse Crawl at an additional discount.

In Reverse Crawl players will take control of the dungeon’s minions, and lead them into battle. Instead of wiping out a dungeon full of baddies, the goal is instead to destroy the heroes.

Players will have a branching campaign to play through, as the story will adapt to choices that are made. Different types of minions, traits and powers will also be available depending on how you play.

A trailer for Reverse Crawl, which was made by one-man developer Sim YC, can be seen below. Kind of unbelievable that the game was coded and animated by just one person!

Considering the dungeon crawler genre arguably peaked in the 80s, it is exciting to see a developer trying to put their own spin on it. Reverse Crawl looks to be a promising title, and shows that the Malaysian indie scene has a lot to offer. It will be exciting to see if Nerdook can help breathe some fresh air into dungeon crawlers on September 24.

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