Munitions are being gathered and ammo is being loaded. Consider this a warning shot, Sony. Microsoft’s E3 press conference is just two weeks from today and we now know one of the big guns that will definitely be on display. Today, Microsoft published a new trailer for Rise of the Tomb Raider entitled, “Aim Greater.”

Within it, Lara monologues about the great discoverers of history past:

“Throughout history, the boldest have dared to go further. They risked death, and in doing so, live on forever. What drives these few to the ends of the Earth? The desire to discover something more. The search for something greater. The world is full of unanswered questions. Beyond all limits or reason, the answers await.”

The words echo as Lara is seen attempting to climb to the summit of a massive snow covered mountain in harsh wintery weather. She thrusts her trusty climbing axe into the icy surface she’s scaling, and of course, avalanche. She plummets with boulders of ice careening by her. She makes one final attempt to gouge her axe into the mountainside…

Of course she lands it. She’s Lara freaking Croft, damn it. Lara pulls herself up and finds herself at the entrance of what is assuredly a tomb to raid. How fitting. She closes her monologue:

“For some, discovering the secrets of the world is the only way to live.”

Rise of the Tomb Raider
Time to Raid Some Tombs…

The trailer for Rise of the Tomb Raider is great, but it’s entirely cinematic. Even the Xbox YouTube channel acknowledges the game as “a cinematic survival action adventure”. For the real goods, we’ll have to wait until E3, as Microsoft promises at the end of the trailer that Rise of the Tomb Raider will have its gameplay world premiere at their Xbox E3 briefing on June 15th.

Two weeks folks. Two weeks…

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