More content is on the way for Psyonix’s breakthrough hit Rocket League. Called Chaos Run, the premium DLC will come with new trophies, and plenty of cosmetic content. It’s also launching in December alongside a new map to play on, although the map will be free for everyone.

Priced at $3.99, Chaos Run will include 2 new cars, 12 decals, 2 paint types, and 2 wheel options. That isn’t all, though. Also appearing in the pack are 2 new rocket trails, 3 toppers (including a mohawk), and 3 antennas that fit the DLC pack’s apocalyptic theme.

The new map, which is free to everyone, is called Wasteland, and returns from Rocket League‘s predecessor, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Car. It’s the first map that Psyonix is calling “non-regulation” and is physically wider compared to the other arenas in the game. The boost setup is also different, so players will have to learn the new layout before mastering the map.

The new map isn’t the only free item for Rocket League owners, though. Players will be glad to hear out that more music will be coming to the game courtesy of Kevin Riepl. New garage items (such as antennas) will be added as well.

Rocket League has been a huge hit for Psyonix, and its aggressive DLC plans have been a major success so far. They are also making a smart choice by making the levels free, and only charging for cosmetic items. Making maps available as paid content would only split the userbase and make online play more of a hassle as it should be.

More developers should take note of how Psyonix has supported the game post-launch, as Rocket League has been able to stay in the headlines months after it released. Not only is this DLC done right, Psyonix has successfully cultivated a fan-base that wants new content.

We’ll have more on Rocket League as its latest DLC pack launches in December.

SOURCEPlayStation Blog
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