Rocket League Hoops

Psyonix teased us with news a little while back that there was a new mode headed to Rocket League. We knew then that it was called Hoops mode and would be the basketball equivalent to the standard soccer mode for the chaotic car title. Now we have a release date, and some other customization options that will be coming with it.

Hoops will be hitting Rocket League in a matter of days on April 26th. The new mode, like all others, is completely free to download. The mode is played on a parquet court as is typical of official basketball action. Players shoot at a huge backboard and rim as opposed to the soccer or hockey goals we’ve become accustomed too. This appears to be the most difficult changeup yet for the series, as a solid aerial game is going to set the men apart from the boys.

Alongside Hoops will be the release of a premium NBA Flag Pack. For $1.99 you’ll get access to a flag representing all 30 NBA franchises which you can use to customize your rocket car. Perfect for the NBA postseason. Checkout the new Rocket League Hoops trailer below. We’ll see you out on the court.

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