Rocket League - Aquadome

Rocket League, a.k.a, the gift that keeps on giving, recently released their massive Rumble update earlier this month. Not being one to take their foot off the throttle, Psyonix has announced what’s coming next to game in October.

Welcome to The Aquadome!

Psyonix dropped a trailer today showing off The Aquadome. It’s a new underwater based arena that will be a free download to everyone that owns the game. Unlock some of the more recently released arenas like Wasteland and NEO Tokyo, The Aquadome appears as though it will be a fairly plain style of map with an aquatic style for flair.

Rocket League - Aquadome - TritonRocket League - Aquadome - Proteus

Also revealed were two new premium DLC cars that are on the way. First, the Triton, a slick looking car model. Second, the Proteus, more of an SUV/ATV themed model. Both will likely come in at $1.99 apiece as is the norm, and will release alongside The Aquadome update in October.

Take a gander at the new trailer below to see what’s in store for Rocket League in October. See you on the pitch.

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