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Rocket League PC/Xbox One Cross Platform Play Goes Live Tonight

Rocket League - Xbox One

These sure are exciting times we live in. While Psyonix and the collective Rocket League fan base patiently await Sony to come down from their high-horse and live a little, the Xbox One and Steam communities have already gotten the party started without them. Rocket League is officially going cross-network tonight.

Jeremy Dunham, Vice President, Psyonix, announced the news first thing this morning: “We’re really excited to bring Xbox One and PC players closer together. Cross-network play has been something that Xbox One gamers have been asking us for since the day we launched, and thanks to Microsoft’s new cross-network policies, we’re proud to give it to them.”

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox One, was asked months ago about the cross-network possibility and he seemed genuinely open to the idea. It turns out, he was, as a few months later Xbox has officially modified their policy and Rocket League becomes the first playable game to tout the ability. Sony, who also said the idea was possible, have yet to make good on their end of the deal.

The cross-network functionality is determined on the player end of things. Rocket League players will be able to head into the Options menu of the game and choose for themselves whether they are ready to take on the expanded player pool. The update will roll out this evening, beginning at 3:00 p.m. Pacific, 6:00 p.m. Eastern and 10:00 p.m. UTC. See you on the pitch.