Rocket League Championship Series

That’s right, this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, May 21-22 on Twitch will be airing the Qualifier One Series Finals for Rocket League.

Since the introduction of the Rocket League Championship Series last month, over the course of a month over 20,000 participants, the top four Rocket League teams from each region have advanced to the first RLCS finals with over $10,000 worth of prize money ($5,000 for each region) on the line this weekend.

The last remaining team left from the finals will then continue on to the Live International Finals this summer to duke it out for their chomp at the bid for the $75,000 prize pool.

Overall it sounds like if you are into watching some high level Rocket League action live, now is a great time to watch.

If you are interested in watching them live, here are the times for the twitch broadcast:

Rocket League Championship Series Online Finals Broadcast Times:

  • North America — Saturday, May 21 @ 12pm PT/ 3pm ET/ 7pm UTC
  • Europe — Sunday, May 22 @ 9am PT/ 12pm ET/ 4pm UTC

As for where to watch the broadcast, you can watch it here.

Also for those wondering who are participating in the finals, here is a provided image of who’s participating in the finals.

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