Grand Theft Auto Online - Masks

A new update is now available for Grand Theft Auto Online. The update has Rockstar getting players into the Halloween spirit with an assortment of new vehicles, modes and accessories.

Grand Theft Auto Online - Halloween Surprise
Halloween Surprise

According to the Rockstar Newswire, the new Halloween themed update will run from today through November 16th. The two new vehicles now available in the game are dubbed the Lurcher Hearse and the Franken Strange. In further vehicle news, there will also be 20 new “ghoulish” Bobbleheads that can put used to accessorize your Lowrider of choice.

Grand Theft Auto Online - Hearse

There will also be a bunch of new Halloween masks available in the Monster’s section of the Vespucci Movie Masks. These Halloween masks will be the default Heist gear of choice for the time period. In addition to the masks, there will also be “30 Spooky new styles of Face Paint” to customize your character with as well.

A new mode is being implemented in Grand Theft Auto Online too. The Slasher Adversary Mode sees 8 players “run, hide, and fight to survive in the darkness as the player designated as the Slasher stalks their prey with a shotgun.” Rockstar advises that you can “use your new Flashlight to navigate if you dare, but be careful not to reveal your position or you’ll quickly become prey. Survive for 3 minutes and you’ll get the chance to return the favor with a Shotgun of your own.”

Again, the Grand Theft Auto Online Halloween Surprise content is live now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Get it and reap(er) your rewards before it ends on November 16th.

Grand Theft Auto Online - Masks
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