Grand Theft Auto Online - Tiny Racers

No need to check your calendars. Today is indeed April 20th, not April 1st. Rockstar has revealed today that they are implementing a new mode into Grand Theft Auto Online. Dubbed Tiny Racers, the new mode introduces “retro-inspired” top down racing that makes you feel like you’re playing with Hot Wheels all over again.

Oh, and there are Weed Bonuses Today too!

Here’s is Rockstar’s breakdown of Tiny Racers:

“Get ready for a new spin on classic Grand Theft Auto action, with Tiny Racers, coming April 25th. Watch the new trailer above to catch a glimpse of the retro-inspired stunt racing this all-new mode will bring to GTA Online next week.”

The mode does actually look like it could be fun. The top down perspective is nostalgic, of course, to the original Grand Theft Auto games. So it shouldn’t be all that jarring an implementation to Grand Theft Auto Online. It almost seems like a new R.C. Pro Am for the modern era! Here’s the trailer:

Also, seeing as how today is 4/20, Rockstar of course has some weed inspired things going on for Grand Theft Auto Online:

“In honor of 420, save (and score) some extra green via The Open Road with 50% off Weed Farm Businesses and Business Upgrades. All Weed sales from your Business will also earn you 50% more profits. And burn out with Green Tire Smoke from LS Customs, also 50% off today.”

Tiny Racers goes live on April 25th. All of the 420 bonuses are good for today. Take advantage of them now before they all go up in smoke.

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