Grand Theft Auto Online - Be My Valentine

Who says that Valentine’s Day has to be expensive? If you want to skip out on the glitz and glamour of showering your significant other with adornment and gifts, Grand Theft Auto Online has your back.

Rockstar is bringing Valentine’s Day back to the game in style once again via the Be My Valentine update. Everything from last year’s The Valentine’s Day Massacre Special returns this year, in addition to some new bells and whistles. Grand Theft Auto V‘s Albany Roosevelt car is receiving an updated model, dubbed the Valor. You can pick it up by visiting Legendary Motorsports and tweak it to your heart’s desire at Los Santos Customs.

Grand Theft Auto Online - Albany Roosevelt Valor
The Albany Roosevelt Valor.

There are new wardrobe options as well in the Be My Valentine update. The new threads include everything from new boxer shorts to fresh suits. You can find updated vests, dresses, bustiers and stockings as well. Again, all of last year’s clothes and masks return as well – including the Gusenberg Sweeper machine gun from Ammu-Nation.

Rockstar is also teasing a new Adversary Mode for the Grand Theft Auto Online update. Coming this Friday, “Till Death Do Us Part” is a couple’s based skirmish that Rockstar will shed more details on later this week. The Be My Valentine update is available now for Grand Theft Auto Online. Get over the fact you don’t have a date this weekend and check it out.

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