Rogue Trooper was originally released back in 2006 on the PlayStation 2, PC, Xbox, with a Nintendo Wii port released in 2009. The game is known for having fun gameplay adding what most third-person shooters didn’t have back then in 2006 which was cover-based mechanics and blind cover fire it also had a few abilities that made the game stick out However the story felt lacking although the characters did have charm and can make it seem less bland. Therefore the game did do well but fell behind other big games of the year and with this new remaster of the original can it still stand on its own after all these years?

Getting Vengeance

You start off seeing several of the G.I getting prepared to fight off an invading enemy force called the Norts they are fascists and want to see the world Nu earth taken under their control your mission is to stop them however when you first get deployed you are betrayed. Half of your people die in just deployment alone afterwards everyone starts getting hunted and killed that is where you come in.

The story is a mixed bag, at times you can see the humor and the wit from the characters like Rogue, Gunner, Helm, and Bagman. But at the same time, the story doesn’t hold up, it feels too simplistic and only lasts about four through six hours, which is 13 missions in total. Not offering much in terms of content, however, the idea that soldiers can die and be placed into your equipment through a bio-chip I found that unique. And it did add a full cast at all moments since your equipment is your squad mates who fell in battle. The Traitor General wasn’t effective in this game he felt over the top and weak overall.

World design is dull just like the original back in 2006. This game still doesn’t entice you to the world but it does make everything else better such as character models, weapons, and vehicles making it look more modern. There’s no side questing and side characters don’t get enough time to build any character development so they just fade away with the scene.

The Last G.I

Rogue Trooper Redux is a third-person shooter, the game takes advantage of using cover-based mechanics making battles more tactile. In addition, you have abilities that will allow you to distract, sneak or blast your way through a situation. Three abilities you can do, for example, you can use your auto rifle to act as a turret while you flank the enemy. You can use your helmet to create an image of you making it easier to sneak away. And you can use a special missile launcher to crush the mechs and fellow enemy soldiers. Another aspect of the gameplay is salvage throughout the levels you will find piles of salvage and when you loot bodies. The salvage is used to upgrade weapons, buy ammo and med-packs, weapons can also be unlocked.

Throughout my whole time playing with the Nintendo switch I didn’t find any bugs it didn’t get too hot when playing and the frame rate ran smoothly staying at a solid frame per second. Portability for this game works wonders since it’s a short game it’s possible to finish this in just a couple of sittings out and about.

The gameplay can be played in several different ways which are sometimes a rarity in third person shooters. However, the story felt lacking with its simple plot line and the world looks dull compared to everything else and the major flaw is that the game doesn’t offer much in extra content or replayability. It’s worth the price if you’re looking for a third person shooter on the Nintendo Switch or if you’re a fan of the original Rouge trooper game. I don’t see this being a must buy purchase on any of the other consoles or if you’re not into third person shooters.

Rogue Troopers Redux
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