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Grading Scale

Our Stance

We take a tough stance on grading. We grade one through ten without half-point intervals. Scores are based on when they are released context. If your title needs a day 1 patch, hampered by server issues, and game’s online status has changed since it launched, we reserve the right to change our review score. This change doesn’t affect Metacritic, but allows us to keep our site up to date.

Early Access

It is Victory Point’s position that any title being sold to customers may be evaluated within the context of a review. For this reason our review will not be featured on Metacritic.

Grading Scale

5 Stars: A groundbreaking experience, a milestone in gaming. A lasting impact on the industry. Will redefine the genre, and shape it going forward.  Some games can have flaws as long it doesn’t hold back the experience

4 Stars: A good game with few problems present.  A very good game that is a solid experience. However sometimes the product doesn’t live up to the potential, and fulfill promises the developers set out.. This could be from a lack of missing features, technical problems, an uninteresting story, and etc.

3 Stars: A flawed representation of its genre, and failing to execute on new ideas. It may fit nicely within a genre and have a couple good gameplay elements, but the negatives out way the positives.A limited experience. Die hard fans of the franchise/genre will be able to forgive its flaws, but others may struggle to find the fun.

2 Stars: Limited experience: an unnecessary entry in a genre with serious problems showcasing a couple of neat ideas. Its artistically deprived with nothing new, and a failure in overall vision and execution.

1 Stars: Mechanically faulty: A dreadful experience, and just barely playable. Or sometimes is an unplayable disaster.