You like arcade shoot-em ups? I know I do, which is why I’m glad to say that the new arcade style shooter Score Rush Extended, has finally been released on the PS4, and being that’s it launched today, it is currently on sale for the low price of $9.49 USD for regular Playstation Network members, and the even lower price of $8.39 USD for Playstation Plus members, so if you want to get this game for a lot cheaper that the regular $11.99 USD price.

I love me some big explosions.

So what is Score Rush Extended? Well simply put it is a Japanese bullet hell shoot ’em up from Xona Games, that’s sole focus is to make your eyeballs explode from the visual feast of colorful bullets and explosions constantly trying to kill you at all times, with the goal of the game simply to survive for as long as you can.

Don’t let the eye candy fool you, its purpose is to see you die.

The one major difference however that stands out from most bullet hell shooters is that it allows for full 360 degrees of movement for your ship, as enemies will come at you from all angles in their efforts to try and kill you, so it is important to utilize this to your advantage, as well as use the variety of power ups at your disposal…and the best part? You can play 4 player co-op, with you and 3 other buddies to join in on the action.


If you are interested in what you are seeing and would like to go purchase it, you can purchase the game here. (Note: a Playstation 4 and PSN membership is required.)

Check out the trailer below to see some gameplay, to get a better idea of how this game plays, and as always, stay beautiful my friends.



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