Skate 4

Get your salt shakers ready. Prominent Australian retailer JB Hi-Fi (think Best Buy) has reportedly leaked the existence of Skate 4. The evidence is flimsy, but it does lend hope to the multitude of fans out there hoping for the game to exist.

Earlier this morning, the retailer purportedly published a sale page for the game which can be seen in the below photo:

Leaked screenshot? Or B.S.?
Leaked listing? Or B.S.?

The box art looks a bit shaky, but that doesn’t necessarily need to be official at this point. Also, with the Skate 4 fan base recently pestering EA via Instagram for a new entry in the series, this could easily be a fake to drum up publicity. If it’s real, JB Hi-Fi has a release date listed of 8/23/16 for Xbox One, as well as an apparent bonus throw in of Skate 3 in the package.

It’s not likely that we’ll hear anything from EA on Skate 4 anytime soon. At best, fans can look forward to a reveal in a few months with a hopeful release date later in 2016. If anything more on the story develops, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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