On August 3rd, the independent development studio Skunkwerks Kinetic uploaded their debut trailer for their new game Meg 9: Lost Echoes on their youtube page and their Steam Green light page, and it has been revealed that the game is in collaboration with Sci-Fi writing veteran William Gibson, well known for his literary works such as The Sprawl Trilogy, The Bridge Trilogy, and The Blue Ant Trilogy of novels with his latest novel being The Peripheral which was released last year.

William Gibson is considered to be a pioneer in the Cyberpunk subgenre, coining the phrase “Cyberspace” as it is used in most cyberpunk/sci-fi stories and media, and his collaboration with Skunkwerks Kinetic seems like a perfect fit for Meg 9.

The debut trailer shows off some of the gameplay for Meg 9 which appears to be a mix between a Third-Person tank shooter fending off robotic creatures and some strategy-esque elements such as setting up turrets to defend your position in ‘build mode’ as it is being called currently. Whether build mode will play out in real time or not has not yet been verified. The game also seems to take place in an open world of some sort, however how ‘open’ the world happens to be has not yet been revealed but in the trailer it definitely did show of some openness to it’s design.

During the trailer, there was some narration, presumably written by Gibson himself, while there wasn’t much, assuredly there will be more story elements in the game.

The game is also running the current iteration of Unreal Engine (the 4th to be exact), and so far what has been shown off is pretty impressive. While the graphics won’t set your world on fire, there definitely is some effort that has been put into the look of the game showing off some good lighting, smoke, and fire effects with some good use of textures on display.

Currently there is no release date yet, however Skunkwerks Kinetic has confirmed that they will be showing off their Meg 9 at Pax Prime in Seattle, Washington this August, so if you have a ticket to Pax Prime, definitely go check it out.

The game is currently on Steam Greenlight awaiting your vote, so if you are at all impressed by what you see, show your support by giving them a thumbs up. The game is also planned for a release on the Playstation 4 as well.

For more info regarding Meg 9, visit Skunkwerks Kinetic’s website for more info.

I leave you now with the trailer for Meg 9: Lost Echoes, enjoy!


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