Skylanders SuperChargers 
was announced by Activision early this morning for an iOS release October 25th. With the launch of Skylanders for Android and iOS tablet versions last year, it was inevitable that their newest title be structured as compatible for smaller devices (though no Android version has yet been announced). For those who already have their eyes constantly glued to their iPhone screens, this could generate an entirely different experience than the typical touchscreen game.

With that stated, Activision has produced a starter pack. Included will be a built-in stand, Bluetooth portal, and they are even generous enough to supply us with a Bluetooth controller, creating a laid back experience without touch controls. When the game is downloaded to the device, players will have immediate access to Instant Spit Fire and Instant Hot Streak.

With cloud saving being applicable across various iOS devices, players will be able to race into action in the comfort of their home or while on the go.

Considering that the iOS version of Skylanders SuperChargers is built to be mirrored as what you would encounter on the console version (which will be released September 20th), players will have the opportunity to participate in online co-op and multiplayer racing. Unfortunately, older iOS devices such as the iPad 3, iPad 4, iPhone 5, and iPhone 5C will not have access to the online community, but don’t you fret! Said players will still have access to the offline functions (single player mode, local co-op adventure, adventure mode, and split-screen racing).

Source: Activision

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