Skyrim Nintendo Switch Release date


Bethesda is a big supporter of the Nintendo Switch with the recent announcement of Doom, and Wolfenstein 2 and the announcement of Skyrim back in the Nintendo Switch reveal direct. For awhile now we didn’t know when Skyrim for the Switch was going to come out, but with the recent direct we got a confirmed release date.

The Dragon Born Returns

Skyrim is a fantasy Rpg that came out in 2011 and got critical acclaim. Also, You play as the dragon born and are tasked to stop the rise of the dragons in Tamriel. This version of Skyrim is, in fact, the enhanced version that came to ps4 and Xbox one. And comes with amiibo support that lets you wear Links armor and wield the master sword offering a new way to role play as Link. Also, Skyrim comes out on November 17th for the Nintendo Switch. Check out the trailer above to find out more about the game.

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