Starting tomorrow, the gruesome challenging escapade that is Slain: Back from Hell will be available on the PS4. Starring Bathoryn, a cursed hero from a barbaric world, this heavy metal pixelated experience presents countless confrontations combined with old-school gameplay. Slicing Bathoryn’s monstrous swords is only half the fun, but it’s the slight headbanging to the metal jams that’ll inspire more bloodshed.

Nothing wrong with a little gore galore, is there?

Slain: Back from Hell offers up to six hours of strategic gameplay. Included are multiple bosses ranging from difficult to almost damn near impossible. Luckily, Bathoryn also acquires the ability to use powerful magic attacks when he’s found himself in a pickle. Or rather,  when he wants to show off his sweet moves. Regardless, the intense, yet ruthless, combat is what shapes Bathoryn’s journey into an awesome one.

Christian Bliss, content manager at Digerati, states “our aim was to blend the best of classic 90’s hack ‘n’ slash games with modern gameplay dynamics, but freed from the hand-holding of mainstream titles.” I’d say mission accomplished there.

Tomorrow, PlayStation 4 players will have the opportunity to purchase this grim adventure for $14.99. Additionally, a 10% discount will be given for all PlayStation Plus members.

Check out the PS4 launch trailer for Slain: Back from Hell below, and make sure to purchase your copy tomorrow. Happy slaying!

Source: PlayStation Blog

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