Yes it’s true! The you no longer have to wait to be a family man, now you can be the ultimate family man with Guile in Street Fighter V, available now for free during the trial period before the launch of the In-Game shop, so if you are currently eager to try out Guile in some matches before the shop launches, now is the time, as when the shop goes live, you will either have to purchase him with the in game fight money, real money, or through the season pass to unlock the other character including, Alex, Ibuki, Balrog, and Urien releasing later this year as well as other additional content to be announce at a later date.

Here are some screenshots of Guile in Action:



ws_0015_bmp_jpgcopyws_0001_bmp_jpgcopyAlso I should add, that the stage you see in these screenshots is free of charge as of this new release…IF you have the season pass…so if you don’t have the season pass already, you are kinda boned on that one, but fear not, also included in this update, Capcom is now implementing a system that will punish people who frequently disconnect from online matches (I.E., Rage Quitters), although Capcom doesn’t really state what the punishment will be, whether it being banned/suspended for a period of time, or having a mark on their profile to warn other fighters of their ‘Rage Quit’ tendencies, is still not clear, but Capcom does promise that they will continue to refine and update this over time.

Additionally, they have also improved matchmaking with this new update, which will speed up the time it takes to find opponents, as well as simplify the process of creating and joining Battle Lounges.

What are you waiting for? Go home and be a family man!

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