Venom - Tom Hardy

It looks as though Tom Hardy is venturing back into the realm of comic book movies. Hardy of course played Bane in Christopher Nolan’s 2012 The Dark Knight Rises. Now, he’s back – but this time he’s jumping toward a Marvel villain for his next role.

“We Are Venom”

Variety began reporting the news earlier today. Sony slated the Venom movie to release in late 2018 on their schedule. This was a head scratcher. Spider-Man was nestled snuggly in the Marvel Cinematic Universe now and there seemed to be no news of pre-production happening for any such Venom movie. Until now it seems.

Ruben Fleischerb of Zombieland fame has been tapped to direct the standalone entry. This Venom film will have zero connections to any other comic films to date. Rumors of Hardy’s involvement were shortly thereafter confirmed via Sony’s official Twitter account:

Sony suggested that Venom will be the first in several movies in a new villain focused universe. There’s supposedly a Black Cat and Silver Sable in the mix at this point as well. Regardless, it seems it’s full speed ahead for the Eddie Brock/Alien Symbiote love story. Sony’s Venom movie, now officially lead by Tom Hardy, is scheduled for October 5, 2018.

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