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It looks like we have Star Wars to thank for a bit more joy in our lives – or at the very least for breaking some news. The Star Wars: Battlefront PlayStation 4 bundle comes with quartet of other Star Wars titles, three of which are from the PlayStation 2 era. But instead of these PS2 titles being recoded to work on the PlayStation 4 infrastructure, it seems pretty evident instead that there is actually PlayStation 2 emulation going on within the PlayStation 4.

As people began playing the games (Star Wars: Racer Revenge, Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter, and Star Wars: Bounty Hunter) the rumors of the situation became apparent. But now, Sony has officially confirmed what we thought (hoped). A representative from the company told Wired that Sony is “working on utilizing PS2 emulation technology to bring PS2 games forward to the current generation.”

This is fantastic news and could potentially open up a colossal library (3,874!) of older titles for the PlayStation 4 to run. But in addition to the PlayStation 4 being able to run PlayStation 2 games, it appears as though the emulation is actually upping the resolution of the older titles as well. Checkout this video done by Digital Foundry of comparisons between the original PS2 titles and their emulation being done on PS4:

It’s not dramatic, but there’s clearly a difference. The only down fall of this situation is that Sony is staying quiet about. Outside of the overall confirmation from the quote above, Sony is staying mum, stating that they “have nothing further to comment at this point in time.” Regardless, this is exciting news, and when further details break we’ll be sure to bring them to you.

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