MLB The Show 17

Arguably one of the best sports series running, MLB The Show 17 has a pedigree of greatness to continue to strive towards. This year, there are a lot of improvements and additions that Sony San Diego Studio are looking to implement. And luckily for us, they’ve thrown them into this easy to digest trailer.

Let’s Play Some Ball!

One of the heavily touted new features for MLB The Show 17 is the completely revamped ball physics engine. Whether its slicers down the line, outfield bloops, or line-drives with top-spin, all of these types of contact on the ball will be much more realistic this year. The developers promise that “there are hundreds of thousands of new possibilities this year.”

The team is also implementing more “humanity” into the game’s A.I. this year. This will make computer decisions more dynamic. A.I. players may incorrectly play a ball off the wall, have different lead-off strategies, and even fake throw pitches in different ways.

Sony San Diego is also implementing a new Catch and Throw engine. This will end up affecting pick-offs, steal attempts, tags and the catcher attempting to throw a runner out will all be seeing changes with this overhaul. Today’s trailer spends a good amount of time showing how the new engine will be incorporated with regards to catchers eliminating steals.

The Catch and Throw engine will also improve fielding mechanics in the game. With the new engine and the implementation of a ton of new animations, players will move more fluidly on the field and throws will look more natural. All of this is in pretty good detail in today’s trailer. Check it out below. MLB The Show 17 launches for PlayStation 4 on March 28th.

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