Sony’s Santa Monica Studio began teasing a new reveal yesterday. Known for their work on the God of War franchise, Sony Santa Monica is working in conjunction on this one with developer Plastic. The duo of studios, via their announcement today, have now turned their efforts toward Bound. What is it, you ask? I wish I could tell you, but I have no idea…

The Bound Announcement Trailer released today is vague to say the least. We witness a ballerina that takes on the resemblance of porcelain doll with an odd pink-winged headdress. But the background and clothing she adorns is quite polygonal in nature.

Bound - Ballerina
Is this our protagonist?

Throughout the Bound trailer there’s quick cuts to scenery other than our ballerina’s dancing, but it’s impossible to decipher what is going on, or if it’s even a resemblance of actual gameplay. We’ve posted the trailer below for your own consumption.

Bound is confirmed for PlayStation 4, but there’s no hints as to when we’ll be seeing more from it. We’ll let you know when details start dancing their way in.

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