Spider-Man: Homcoming - Shocker

No, we aren’t getting another Electro after the abysmal outing that was The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Instead, the rumor mill is generating news that another iconic villain from Spider-Man’s past is jumping into the fray for Spider-Man: Homecoming – Shocker.

Could We Be Seeing Early Signs of a Sinister Six?

A Facebook fan page which follows Marvel Cinematic Universe news claims to have the scoop on this one. The page cites that Bokeem Woodbine of Fargo and Total Recall fame is poised to take on the role of Herman Schultz, a.k.a. Shocker. This follows the already announced casting of Michael Keaton as The Vulture and Logan Marshall-Green as a yet to be disclosed villain. Marshall-Green could possibly be playing The Tinkerer, as an upcoming toy with the villain’s likeness has been seen to be in development.

Spider-Man: Homecoming - Shocker/Woodbine
This looks to be damn good casting.

In just one Spider-Man movie, we’re getting three villains – two of which already have a history of joining together in the Sinister Six. Could Spider-Man: Homecoming be lining up its villains toward a Super Team of their own down the line? Peter Park has already faced an opposing group of foes in Captain America: Civil War. It appears he’ll go up against another trio here in his own film. Perhaps Homecoming‘s sequel, which will be at least Holland’s third outing as Spider-Man, will see the iconic rogue group team up to take out their high school aged nemesis.

Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters on July 7, 2017. We’ll be seeing tons of more information on the film in the next 11 months. Stay tuned.

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