Spider-Man, Spider-Man … Has more movies than anyone can (enjoy). (Except Spider-Man 2, movie’s amazing!)

Sony and Marvel’s upcoming Spider-Man solo film could be end up being called: Spider-Man Homecoming.

The BBC (via Empire) spotted a new URL registration from Sony Pictures for “,” which could presumably end up being the final title for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man film.

As always, this is just a rumor and in the end, might not be the film’s title, but it could give us an idea of where the studio is leaning.

The “Homecoming” story in the comics was pretty neat. It takes place when Spider-Man returns from the (now original) Secret Wars. He’s donned his black symbiote suit — which becomes Venom — and the storyline follows Spider-Man as he returns to his crime fighting ways.

Interesting to note, both Captain America and Iron Man show up in the Homecoming storyline. Here’s hoping we see a little cameo (or more?) with them when the standalone Spider-Man movie comes out.