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Sports Bar VR Review: Leave Your Skee Balls Home


There’s nothing quite like enjoying a night with your buddies at the bar. Whether it’s watching the big sports game, or just enjoying the night shooting pool, it’s always a great, social experience. Sports Bar VR aims to recapture that said experience However this time, you don’t even have to leave your house. 

No Last call

Developed by Perilous Orbit, Sports Bar VR has you and up to six of your friends hanging out in a virtual bar. There, you’ll be able to play some air hockey, throw a few rounds of darts or build an insane Frankenstein tower using books, chairs and bottles. The world really is your oyster in Sports Bar VR and you just have to find a way to open it.

Air Hockey was my favorite of the bar games included
  Air Hockey was my favorite of the bar games included


So how does this all work? Using the PlayStation Move controls, you’ll move around the bar and position yourself around the bar to play a variety of “bar games.” Once there, the game will shift into a different viewing mode so you’re more comfortable with what’s in front of you. The movement is intuitive and after about ten minutes with the tutorial, felt incredibly easy to grasp. That being said, sometimes I had a problem going to exactly where I wanted to go. That’s more of an issue with the PlayStation Camera than with the game itself. So expect the usual PSVR tracking issues on occasion. I really enjoyed how the barroom felt alive and always populated. It really does feel like you’re there with Sports Bar VR. 

Dart, don’t go over there

At the time of writing, there are currently four games in the bar to choose from: pool, darts, air hockey, and skeeball. The developers have said they hope to incorporate more games in the future, but right now, they’re not quite ready. With its simplicity, air hockey was my personal favorite. With the tracking on the PlayStation Camera, I felt this event consistently gave me good results. Pool was fun, but took some time to adjust to the controls. When darts and skeeball work, they’re also great. Unfortunately, the shoddy tracking made for some incredibly inconsistent games of darts. There’s nothing worse than betting you’re buddy you can beat them, only to have the tracking completely screw up your shot. 

Make new Virtual friends at the Sports bar

With all that in mind, Sports Bar VR shines in one specific area, and that’s social interactivity. It’s still the wild west out there for VR, so whenever you can find other players to play with, it’s always a good feeling. The rooms I was matchmade into in Sports Bar VR were always populated with people. It made it sweeter that those people were willing to communicate with me in a colloquial fashion. My first night in Sports Bar, I spent a good hour making VR friends, adding them on PlayStation and talking about movies and television. We have some pretty wild theories on where WestWorld will go. Sure, we played air hockey while doing all of this, but it was far more fun to just connect with another player and use the game as sort of a social lobby more than anything else. 

Revolving door

Currently, Sports Bar VR is a thin package. As with every PlayStation VR title, you can expect a bit of jankiness with the motion controls. However, with a great social community and the promise of additional games to be added in, I’ll be more than happy to head back into the virtual bar within the next couple of months to see if our WestWorld theories came to fruition. If you have a PlayStation VR and are looking for a more social game, Sports Bar VR is definitely worth checking out.

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