From the team at Offworld Industries, an up and coming indie developer assembled by the same team behind the popular Battlefield 2 mod, ProjectReality, finally has given an official release date for their new Online Multiplayer ‘Team-based Military Experience’ Squad, to be released on December 15th of 2015, for steam early access.

To give a primer for the un-initiated, Squad is a multiplayer only first person military based tactical shooter, which pits up to 50 people against each other in ‘modern day combined-arms combat scenarios.’ According to the team behind Squad, the aim for this game is to offer a more realistic approach to the modern day military shooters, such as the Battlefield series of games, while keeping the game fun to play and to not feel too much like a simulator. Unlike most multiplayer team based shooters, like the aforementioned mod, the game will emphasize strong use of team communication, as unlike most other shooters out there, simply bunny hopping your way around the battlefield and trying to be a one man military will just get you killed, as in Squad, strong teamwork and co-ordination will win the day and keep everyone alive…for the most part.

Anyways, the game, as until midnight as of the day of this writing, November 30th, the game is still available for pre-order, so if this game is your kinda first person shooter, then  for as much as $30 dollars USD, you can purchase the game at the ‘Rifleman Tier’ which will net you:

– Steam Early Access (regular retail $40 USD)
– 1 Standard game key (Full game w/ Early Access)
– Backer tag in forums and in game

Or if you want some bonus goodies you can purchase the ‘Squad Leader Tier’ at $70 USD which will net you:

– Closed Alpha access
– Steam Early Access (regular retail $40 USD)
– 1 Standard game key (Full game w/ Early Access)
– Founder patch in game
– Founder Tag in forums
– Alternate Primary weapon skins (AK and M4)
– Digital copy of the “Squad” soundtrack
– In game name in Credits
So if you are interested in pre-purchasing the game, today is the last day to do so, as it will cost $40 dollars USD upon release.

Anyways thats it for this article, if you still aren’t convinced and want to see how this game actually plays, take a look at this video by youtube user Bluedrake42, showasing a full round of the game. Cheers:



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