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Squad To Rally Troops for Kickstarter on May 26th


Has anyone played/remember the Battlefield 2 Mod called Project Reality? Well I sure do, the team behind it, currently under the name of the name “Squad Development Team”, developed this impressive mod for Battlefield 2 which, like the name implies, adds more realism to the game. But not total realism though.

It had some great features like dynamic voice chat, which depending on how far you are from your teammates, or if say you are close-by to enemies, will effect how they hear you, and if say you are far away from your team, you have to use a radio, and radio your squad.

The gun handling was slightly more realistic, forcing you to make sure that all your shots count. The Hud was limited, and stuff like your names over the heads of both the enemy and your friends, would not show up instantly, forcing you to make sure you don’t surprise your strung out squad-mates, at the risk of eating a hearty helping of lead to the face.

I could go on with how good that mod is, but honestly, the Mod of the year awards definitely speaks for itself.

However it’s 2015, and the Squad dev team is now working on their own standalone version of the Project Reality mod called Squad, a Tactical-Team Based Multiplayer First Person Shooter, which the Squad dev team is claiming to be

“The new era of Large Scale Tactical FPS Shooters.”

Basically, Squad is practically the same thing as Project Reality, however it is now being developed on the Unreal Engine 4, instead of utilizing the engine from Battlefield 2.

The list of features that the game will include is as follows:

  • Gameplay faster and more fluid than ARMA but slower and more engaging than Battlefield.

  • Teamwork oriented gameplay that doesn’t require a clan or private server to fully realize the potential of the gameplay.

  • Built in Voice Over IP using the best codecs available, with attenuated localized, intra-squad radio, and inter-squad command radio communications.

  • Showcase Deployables and Base Building which no other military FPS has.

  • The creation, defense, destruction and resupply of chained spawn positions in an overlapping and always fluid emergent chessboard designed in our maps.

  • Large scale maps up to 8km^2. (currently working with 2km and 4km maps)

  • High quality models and complex animations systems.

  • A very open development team with excellent community communication, and preparations in progress for mod support near retail release.

  • Essentially an “everything” game. Infantry/Logistics/Air Combat/CAS/Armor Warfare

Overall, I gotta say everything so far sounds really impressive, and if you wanted to get into highly tactical multiplayer shooters, like Arma, but was always intimidated to get into it due to it’s complexity, Squad may be a game worth supporting.

While Squad’s Kickstarter campaign doesn’t launch until the 26th of this month, there is some videos circulating around the net with some gameplay, and for more info on the games development as it is occurring, then you can go to their website here: Link

I leave you now with a video of gameplay from a multiplayer match.


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