Meet The Staff

Meet The Staff

Alex Martinet | Editor-in-Chief | San Jose, CA


Alex Martinet is the Editor-in-Chief at Victory Point. You can follow him on Twitter to see him regrettably cheering for the San Jose Sharks, San Diego Chargers, and Phoenix Suns.


Jeff Scott | Editor | Elkton, MD


Growing up a 90’s kid, Jeff found his love for gaming during Nintendo’s heyday. Because of that, you could call him a “Nintendo Fanboy” (albeit a rational one) to this day. Outside of his passion for the gaming industry, he’s also an avid sports enthusiast (New York Giants and Philadelphia Phillies mainly) and enjoys quality/popular TV shows and movies.

Patrick Sinclair | Writer


Writer at Victory Point. Passionate about video games and these days everything Hearthstone and PS4 related. Follow me on Twitter @Games_Spartacus.


Sean Appleby | Writer


Sean Appleby is the youngest writer at Victory Point but is no less passionate about games than anyone else. While growing up on hand me down consoles from grandparents and uncles, he found a love for classic Nintendo and early PlayStation games. Now though he is a proud member of the “PC Master Race” and is an avid multiplayer gamer. Outside of video games he has an undying passion for anime and manga along with being a huge comic book fan (mainly DC). Follow me on Twitter @isloudas


Tyler Treese | Writer | Altoona, PA


Tyler has enjoyed video games, both large and small, ever since he was a child with a Sega Genesis controller in hand. When he isn’t playing through strange retro games like Snoopy’s Silly Sports Spectacular, he can be found meditating under a waterfall to grow his beard or eating pizza. Probably the latter. You can follow him on Twitter: @TylerTreese

Andrew Esposito | Editor | Wilmington, OH


Ever since Andrew Esposito knocked out Mike Tyson, his love for games has been undying. He’s covered video games for the last six years at numerous outlets. When he’s not writing, Andrew coaches collegiate football.


Amanda Bower | Writer | Stacy, MN


Amanda has been an avid gamer since she can remember, as well as a passionate artist and writer. With a degree in Game Development & Application, she appreciates the hard work that goes into creating a masterpiece. When Amanda is not gaming, drawing, or writing, she is usually found daydreaming about her next pizza or watching one-star rated movies on Netflix.

Alessandro Cossidente | Editor | Torino, IT


Alessandro has been a gaming enthusiast since the age of five. Gaming his way through different platforms and their evolution, he acquired extensive knowledge of the gaming industry and the world surrounding it. He’s been covering the topic on different outlets, mainly focusing on Indie and smaller titles.

When he’s not playing the latest releases or visiting some obscure convention, Alessandro studies foreign languages, linguistics, phonetics and literature. He speaks multiple languages including French, German, Norwegian and Italian. Follow him on Twitter @Alecossy to see what he’s up to.

Stephen Wilds | Writer | Macon, GA


One who writes for different places, waking up late in the day to struggle with commas, broken controllers, and nightmares of Silent Hill and Yo! Noid.