Star Fox Zero - The Battle Begins

Nintendo has dipped their toes back into waters of animation. The company released a fifteen minute animated short yesterday entitled Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins. And its – really good!

Shigeru Miyamoto collaborated with Production IG and WIT Studios to make the short happen. Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins tells the story that sets up Star Fox Zero – out tomorrow for the Nintendo Wii U. Andross has been exiled for his plights against humanity. He’s not happy about it and holds quite the bitter hatred towards General Pepper as he’s the reason for his forced departure.

Fox McCloud’s father has disappeared years ago, and Fox has decided to put together a new Star Fox team to carry on in his honor. Slippy Toad is his genius inventor friend from flight school. Falco Lombardi is the hot headed yet amazing skilled pilot that rivals Fox. And Peppy Hare is the seasoned mentor that was a part of Fox’s father’s Star Fox team.

Andross’ army, of course, breaks through Corneria’s “impenetrable” defenses with a wormhole over the city. But Andross doesn’t want to destroy Corneria, no, he wants General Pepper – alive. The Star Fox team is just outside Corneria’s orbit when the attack begins, and it’s now time for them to prove themselves.

The full episode is just below for you to checkout. Star Fox Zero lands on Wii U tomorrow. We’ll have a review for you next week. Good luck!

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