Stardew Valley - Xbox One

As a gamer that sticks to the console side of things, Stardew Valley was something I was quite envious of on PC. Turns out, I don’t have to be all that envious anymore.

What A Lovely Early Christmas Gift

Eric Barone, Creator of Stardew Valley, dropped a post onto the Xbox Wire earlier this morning. In it, he announced what many of us have hoped. Stardew Valley is coming to Xbox One:

“I spent over four years developing Stardew Valley, inspired by games that I loved as a child such as Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing. Although the idea of a “farming RPG” might have seemed odd at first, the games were very addictive and had a heartwarming charm that stuck with me. With Stardew Valley, my goal was to recreate that special feeling and bring it to modern platforms.

Stardew Valley has been a great success on PC, and I am very excited to share it with many new people on Xbox One. I hope you’ll enjoy your time in the valley!”

Perhaps the most shocking of news from Barone though, is that fact that the game will be ready to download in just two weeks. You can pre-order if you so choose as of tomorrow (November 30th), with the title officially launching on December 14th. And if you’ve been completely under a rock, here is Eric’s description of his game:

“In Stardew Valley, you start with an overgrown plot of land, a few hand-me-down tools, and a small amount of money. What you use them for is up to you! Stardew Valley is a country-life role playing game in which you make a new life for yourself by living off the land and getting to know the local townspeople. There are many ways to find success… try your hand at farming, fishing, mining, foraging, fighting monsters, and raising animals.

While making a living is an important part of your new life, you’ll also want to make friends with the locals. As you get to know people, you’ll learn more about their personalities and stories. You can even get married and have kids!”

Here’s the official Xbox One trailer:

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