Stranger Things Season 2

There was apparently a pretty big football game that went down last night. Brady and his crew appeared to be stuck in the Upside Down themselves during the first half, but they eventually turned things around. Speaking of the Upside Down, the Super Bowl premiered the world’s first look at the Season 2 trailer for Stranger Things. It was pretty epic.

“Let Go My Eggo!”

The thirty second clip starts with a few moments of an old-school Eggo commercial. Then suddenly we get a glimpse of Eleven from and upside down perspective laying down. We then cut to the boys in Ghostbusters outfits racing down the street on their bikes and outside of school.

There’s not a ton to go on, other than some looks at what could be our big monster this year. There’s a sketch of some sort of spider-esque creature on a drawing pad. Then at the end, in what feels like a dream sequence, is Will opening his front door to see said creature in the distance. And it’s huge.

I think it’s safe to expect that a lot of things years story will revolve around Will and whatever is happening post Upside Down survival. We’ll have plenty of time to ponder that though. Netflix revealed at the end of the teaser that Stranger Things will be back on Halloween. It’s going to be a long nine months…

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