Suicide Squad - Extended Cut

I know. Shocking, right? Batman v Superman dropped an Extended Cut edition that seemingly won over some fans that didn’t like the film at first. It took over an hour of additional footage to do so, but hey, a win is a win. Now, it appears as though Suicide Squad is hoping to do the same thing.

“Stay evil, doll face.”

Warner Bros. dropped a quick trailer today to reveal the Suicide Squad Extended Cut news. The Digital HD version can hit your home as of November 15th. You’ll have to wait until December 13th if you’re going with the Blu-Ray option.

There’s literally zero details yet as to what the differences will be. Nor is there any insight as to the running time differentials in the Theatrical and Extended Cut versions. All Warner Bros. included with today’s trailer was the a tagline: “The Squad is bigger and badder than ever.”

What we do know, however, is that Jared Leto was pissed with the amount of Joker material that was cut. There’s a solid shot that the studio will ride them some Joker hype and incorporate more of he and Harley’s relationship into the film. To be determined I suppose. Hopefully the Suicide Squad Extended Cut will be able to flesh out some of the underdeveloped characters in the Theatrical release. That would have made our very own Andrew Esposito a bit more happy with the film. We’ll find out one way or another on November 15th.

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