Well, apparently Nintendo does listen to its fans. When reviews started coming out last week for Super Mario Maker, one of the biggest gripes against it was the fact that all your stage building tools were doled out to you in 9 days worth of “shipments”. While Nintendo implemented this technique so that creators wouldn’t be bombarded with everything at once, most level designers still wanted all their new toys immediately. Well, Nintendo has budged.

At part of the day one update (1.0.1), Nintendo has greatly reduced the item waiting period in Super Mario Maker. Instead of waiting 9 full days, it now appears as though simply playing the creation mode and placing blocks will expedite the unlocking process.

Super Mario Maker

The gameplay tweak was found by a NeoGAF user who posts that “it seems it might be based on how many blocks you place in the Create mode. There’s no official word on this right now, so it’s all speculation and testing, but spamming a load of garbage blocks into the editor is working for people here.”

So there you have it. You complained – Nintendo listened. Super Mario Maker released today on the Wii U. It’s pretty critically acclaimed, currently resting comfortably at

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