Super Mario Maker Checkpoint

Super Mario Maker, while a fantastic game, has room for improvement. Nintendo knows this, and with an update scheduled for November 4th, we’re in line for some great additions to the game’s formula.

Nintendo is promising 5 new features in the impending update. First off: checkpoints. That’s right, Nintendo has heard you loud and clear. When the update rolls out next Wednesday, you’ll be able to implement checkpoints into your levels. By selecting and shaking an Arrow Sign, the Arrow Sign will transform into the traditional Bowser Flag which acts as a level’s checkpoint. If you run through the Checkpoint Flag as Small Mario, you’ll jump up to Super Mario status as per usual in Super Mario games.

Another requested change that is being addressed is the ability to combine Super Mushrooms and Fire Flowers. It was always a bit odd to be able to jump from Small Mario to Fire Mario without a Super Mushroom to bridge the gap. Now, you can combine the Fire Flower and Super Mushroom in the level creator. By doing this, an item box will grant you a Super Mushroom if you’re Small Mario, but a Fire Flower if you’re Super Mario. A little tweak, sure, but one that gives the feel of Super Mario Maker a bit more authenticity.

Update 3 is an addition to Super Mario Maker‘s hidden mini-game. In the creator, if you select and shake a Muncher, it will begin releasing gnats. Continue shaking the Muncher and eventually it will release a Super Gnat! Tap it enough times to take it down and you’ll unlock “a more challenging version of Gnat Attack!”

Super Mario Maker - Super Gnat
Gnat Attack!

Nintendo has also made a couple of much-needed tweaks to the game’s course selection screen. “Official” courses will now be offered by Nintendo. These are courses designed by Nintendo employees. There will also be Event Courses too. “These worldwide courses are for special events.” Nintendo keeps the Event Courses vague, so we’ll have to find out what they really are next week.

The update hits Super Mario Maker on November 4th. The new “Checkpoint!” trailer is just below.

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