Super Mario Maker - Update 2

Victory Point’s Nintendo Game of the Year, Super Mario Maker, is the gift that keeps on giving. A new video was recently published by Nintendo that details a trio of new course elements headed our way.

First out the game is the addition of Bumpers being included into the game. If you grab the grinder item and shake while in the level creator, it will turn into a Bumper. “It’s bouncy!”, says Nintendo. It can act as a springboard when jumped upon or as a deterrent when bumped into.

Super Mario Maker - Bumpers
Super Mario Maker – Bumpers

Secondly, if you take and shake a Warp Door while within the creator, it will turn into a P Warp Door. The P Warp Doors remain hidden in the game and are only visible as a white dotted outline. That is, until you hit a P block, which then activates the P Warp Doors for usage. This will definitely create some unique new additions to levels.

Super Mario Maker - P Warp Doors
Super Mario Maker – P Warp Doors

Finally, the last new element is to the Koopa Clown Car. Shake that bad boy in the level creator and you’ll transform it into the Fire Koopa Clown Car. This version of the Clown Car shoots horizontal fireballs (in the same size that Mario does) across the screen. You can also charge up the fireball so that it can damage a levels bricks:

Super Mario Maker - Fire Koopa Clown Car
Super Mario Maker – Fire Koopa Clown Car

Nintendo has also implemented a World Record feature into the level selection screen. This (obviously) shows the fastest time that someone’s been able to complete a level. This should be a fun addition to those that crave speed running levels as well.

A separate video was also released today showing how the new Bookmark system will work for Super Mario Maker. Using your PC or Smartphone, you can navigate a designated course website that will allow users to search more intricately for courses they think they will enjoy. Those courses will then be ready for them in the new Bookmarks tab within the Super Mario Maker level selection screen:

The complete video for Update 2 on Super Mario Maker is just below. The Bookmark feature as well as Update 2 will hit Wii U consoles on December 21st.

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