Hitman - Wet Bandits Home Alone DLC

IO Interactive is having a ton of fun with whom they are electing as targets these days. Their episodic Hitman game saw contracts put out on Gary Busey and Gary Cole previously. Now, Agent 47 has his sights on The Wet Bandits from the movie Home Alone.

Let’s All Make That Psychopath Kevin McCallister Proud

Let’s not bury the lede here though. IO Interactive and Square Enix have announced that this Christmas themed DLC will be released free of charge. In this latest Hitman DLC, Agent 47 is tasked with taking down two American thieves by the name of Harry and Marv. The villains in Home Alone were of course Harry Lime (Joe Pesci) and Marv Merchants (Daniel Stern).

Hitman - Wet Bandits

If the simple connection of the names Harry and Marv don’t do it for you, checkout the mission briefing that Agent 47 gets in-game:

Happy Holidays, 47. Your destination is Paris, France, and I must confess, this one is a bit of an odd one. Your targets are Harry ‘Smokey’ Bagnato and Marv ‘Slick’ Gonif, a pair of professional thieves currently breaking into the Palais De Walewska. Bagnato and Gonif are both American nationals now living in Paris after a series of botched break-ins and related violent crimes forced them to leave their home country.

“American nationals” that were responsible for a “series of botched break-ins and related violent crimes”. While the likenesses (for licensing reasons) aren’t quite there, these are surely our Wet Bandits from Home Alone. Well, played IO Interactive.

The Hitman DLC dropped yesterday. So go ahead and scoop that up now free of charge. If you’ve been waiting on Hitman to finish up with the episodic entries before jumping in, a retail version containing all of Season 1 lands on January 31st.

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