Tekken 7 Brings A New Challenger With Fatal Fury DLC


The King Of Iron Fist fanatics were given a great surprise last weekend. It was during the EVO Grand Finals, Tekken Creator Katsuhiro Harada announced the release of a new DLC Character Geese Howard. Fighting games fans will recognize this titular antagonist, from the King Of Fighter Series. Sporting his Trademark Hakama pants and lowered Gi top below his waist. It seems Geese may have a bone to pick with Heihachi Mishima.

Fatal Fury DLC

Being the second character, to be brought in from another series(Akuma being the first.) Namco seems to be on a role with Adding iconic characters and utilizing them for their Engine, which is no surprise, as Namco has teased fans with the long promised Tekken x Street Fighter. Many are speculating, that this may include Sega’s Kazama Kiryu. Fans will remember him, from the Yakuza Franchise, but only time will tell.


The trailer Shows us, that Geese will retain have his signature moves (with the exclusion of Deadly Neo-Rave.) with incorporated Tekken mechanics, such as Akuma. Keeping  Geese balanced in gameplay.

With the Tekken DLC 1 coming soon. Fans can expect the release of Geese Howard to platforms, Winter of this year. With the remaining guest character, scheduled for the first quarter of 2018.