Batman: Unmasked

Well, the Chris Hardwick formula is still going strong it seems. One of the internet’s biggest DC fan boys has officially joined up with Telltale Games to give us an after show for Batman – The Telltale Series. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for Batman: Unmasked.

It’s Miller Time.

With Batman releasing on Tuesday, Greg Miller sat down with ComicVine’s Tony Guerrero, Telltale’s CEO Kevin Bruner, and the game’s Executive Producer, Sean O’Connor. The first episode of the series runs roughly half an hour-long. With Telltale’s Batman not yet being released, Miller and his guests instead discuss exactly how Batman – The Telltale Series came to fruition, and what we can expect from it through its five episode arc.

Following the release of each game episode, Miller will put out another edition of Batman: Unmasked with guests in tow. There, the panel will discuss the various plot points and decisions that were made in the episode, and banter about theories as to where the series appears to be headed.

Here’s the official wording from today’s presser:

“Hosted by‘s Greg Miller, Batman: Unmasked is a series of after-show discussions on all things pertaining to the The Caped Crusader’s upcoming action-packed interactive narrative adventure. With special guests that include comic book industry experts, community legends, cast and crew, Batman: Unmasked delves into what makes Bruce Wayne tick, as well as in-depth dissections of each episode of the Telltale series as they release.”

Checkout the first episode of Batman: Unmasked below. Batman – The Telltale Series begins next week, releasing on August 2nd.

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