Batman - A Telltale Games Series

Wow. If you had this one on your Video Game Awards BINGO card, you win the night. Telltale Games has announced a new Batman series set to debut in 2016.

We have little to go off of other than the cryptic new trailer that Telltale released. Random Gotham citizens are quoted throughout it. One mentions that “he’s a rich bum,” and just after that a news reporter comments on how Bruce Wayne is Gotham’s most eligible bachelor, while also citing recent “erratic behavior”.

Gotham is apparently seeing a dramatic rise in its crime rate whenever this game is set. The question is – is that because there’s no Batman yet? Or is it because there’s no Batman anymore? Dust off your detective hats and speculate in the comments below.

Telltale was also kind enough to share a World Premiere trailer for The Walking Dead: Michonne. Like the Batman trailer, it doesn’t show much, mainly just a look into the titular characters psyche. But it’s more than we had! You can find that just below.

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