Batman - Telltale Games

It’s been over 7 ½ months since we were first introduced to Telltale Games’ tease of their upcoming Batman series. Now, it’s nearly in our hands.

Here Comes The Batman

The episodic studio dropped their first real trailer for the game today. Their strategy is evident, and pronounced by none other than Alfred Pennyworth in the trailer: “There is room for Bruce and Batman inside that suit.” And judging from today’s story rich trailer (and what the studio has already told us), that’s exactly what Telltale is going for.

Telltale’s Batman series will be just as focused on the “playboy billionaire” as it will be The Dark Knight. Bruce himself is poised to be pitted against the crime lords of Gotham, like Carmine Falcone. Political strategists, like Harvey Dent. And Gotham’s reporters, like Vicky Vale. Being a billionaire just got really, really difficult.

On top of our first narrative driven trailer, we also finally got a release date for the Episode 1. It’s entitled “Realm of Shadows”, and will hit PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Android, iOS and Fire devices on August 2nd. Checkout the new trailer just below.

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