Final Fantasy XV

If you really haven’t been paying much attention to the details on Final Fantasy XV, the Tokyo Game Show has the perfect trailer for you.

”Walk Tall, My Son”

Today’s newly minted trailer is about five minutes of pure cinematics from the next entry in Square Enix’s iconic RPG series. We get more than a good look at what appears to be one of Final Fantasy XV‘s main antagonists, Ardyn Izunia. He’s charismatic but sly, and always seems to be a few moves ahead.

The spotlight is also on our main character, Prince Noctis. As the trailer lets on early, his father, King Regis, has been murdered, and Noctis is pronounced dead as well. Noctis must work alongside his closest friends to uncover the plot and return justice to his homeland.

Traversal of the game’s vast world gets some nods as well. We see Noctis riding a mounted Chocobo at one point as we have before. But we also see the gang riding a train, driving a boat, and then cruising in their car… AND THEN THE CAR DEPLOYS WINGS AND TAKES OFF. Awesome!

If you’re interested in Final Fantasy XV at all, give the trailer a watch. Hell, even if you aren’t interested, this trailer just may well get you there. Final Fantasy XV launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One November 29th.

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