The Crew Wild Run

Announced back in June at E3, The Crew Wild Run is the first expansion to last year’s “action-driving MMO”, The Crew. The Crew Wild Run isn’t just a content update. It actually brings significant changes to the overall game whether you purchase the expansion or not.

As a free download for all players, The Crew Wild Run will implement “stunning updated graphics”, new lighting effects, an all-new weather system and redesigned areas that make locations more playable for all vehicles. However, for $24.99, you get the real meat and potatoes of The Crew Wild Run.

Four new vehicle types are available which includes drift cars, monster trucks, dragsters and motorcycles. There will also be a new mode called The Summit, which Ubisoft is deeming as “the largest challenge in a driving game to date.” It’s essentially a constantly recurring championship. There will be two Summits that take place each week, and each one will run for about three days taking place across various U.S. landmark locations. Do well in the Summits and you’ll be entered into the Monthly Summit Finale to earn the title of “king of the road”, and thus, earning exclusive new vehicles.

If you’re unsure of whether you want to go all-in with The Crew Wild Run, you can download the updated free trial version of The Crew. It gives access to the game for two hours, allowing players to experience all the new vehicles, play the game’s prologue and experience the game’s open world style. Or, just watch the below trailer and see if that sells you.

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