The Division

Well, talk about spreading the Christmas spirit. Tom Clancy’s The Division released a new live action trailer today. And this one pretty much screams “bah humbug” – but in the best way.

Things start out quite splendid and cheery, then reality hits and the scene turns quite dreary. A singing child stands at the center of the new trailer for The Division. He peacefully belts out Silent Night with festivities surrounding him. Then the scene converts quickly to a deserted war zone, with the child still singing, but now the lines of Silent Night have been altered to pronounce quite a different tone.

“Bring back the world that we lost”, the singing child wraps the song with. As he sings, a trio of soldiers surround the boy to protect him from the harms of the desolate world. A flare is shot up, and our protectors await… It’s a troubling scene, but the video is quite effective. “When society falls we rise” is the tagline for The Division. The new live action trailer does a great job of encompassing that.

Tom Clancy’s The Division hits March 8th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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