Iron Fist

We were blessed by Marvel with a cool trailer for Luke Cage today. That would have been sufficient to call Thursday a success. But no, the Colossus of comics felt the need to give us more. And more we shall take. Ladies and gentle, we have our first trailer for Iron Fist.

Danny Rand Has Entered the MCU

Life is looking quite bleak for Danny Rand. From the outset of the trailer things are difficult for our eventual kung-fu master. We see a glimpse of Danny’s mother comforting him, as oxygen masks are seen deployed in the plane their within. Cut to moments later, where our young Danny is unconscious amongst plane debris in the snow. Then, two monks are seen standing over his seemingly lifeless body.

We then arrive in New York City where Rand is walking barefoot in the streets. This must lead to his hospitalization, as he’s next seen strapped to a gurney in a mental facility. That’s no match for Danny Rand, who has obviously been trained by our monk friends at this point, as he’s then seen blow off the door to the place with a single punch. Iron Fist, folks.

Iron Fist - Danny Rand
Iron Fist has arrived.

Finn Jones, a.k.a. Loras Tyrell of Game of Thrones fame, is playing the titular character. Unlike the Luke Cage trailer, we don’t get to see a whole lot of what Jones is doing with the character from a acting perspective. I suppose we’ll have to await a second trailer to take in some of Danny’s personality.

Iron Fist is poised to strike Netflix with a 13 episode run in 2017.

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