Breath of the Wild - Zelda and Link

We knew something was coming, we just didn’t know what form it would take. Which is fitting considering the new trailer that dropped for Breath of the Wild serves up more questions than it does answers.

When the Hell Am I Going to Get to Play This Damn Game?!

Let’s just knock the beginning portion of our headline out. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild won Most Anticipated Game before the show even properly kicked off. Great. People want it. We know.

Then, they dropped Nintendo’s latest trailer. And damn, it’s a doozy. We start out with a Sheikah Eye crying onto some fabric. This then seemingly inks a vague history of Hyrule onto said fabric throughout the course of the trailer. In game, we see the seasons change within the realm. We see beautiful rural areas and towns that feature NPCs and pets. At one point, the NPCs are battling moblins. A sign of the time’s decline, perhaps?

We finally cut to Link. Something is jumping up from below him, and we only get a fleeting image of it. It’s a bird creature, which doesn’t seem entirely hostile, and carries a bow much like we’ve seen Link utilize. But he doesn’t really look like a Rito that we’ve seen in Wind Waker. It almost looks… like a Loftwing from Skyward Sword? Except, it’s completely humanoid. Huh. The bird-man then lifts straight up and flies towards an airship high into the sky.

We get a quick scene of Link on horseback attacking Guardians. Then, the shot that has people completely confused:

Breath of the Wild - Zelda or Link?
Zelda or Link?

Is that Zelda? Or a female Link, maybe? It certainly looks like this person is wearing garb identical to what we’ve been seeing male Link wearing for the last few years within this game. Just past this scene, all hell breaks loose. Hyrule is under attack, and it doesn’t fare well. Then, we see Link kneeling to someone who looks like it certainly could be Zelda. Putting our previous female character back into the confusion bucket.

Watch it for yourself and enjoy…

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