Check out The King of Fighters XIV crossover characters!

The entire sales pitch for the original The King of Fighters was that it would allow gamers to watch characters from different SNK fighting series battle it out. The 1994 original had fighters from Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, Psycho Soldier and Ikari Warriors. That’s why it’s no surprise that the series is continuing to embrace its roots and add in characters from other SNK Playmore series.

The King of Fighters XIV will feature three new crossover characters that make up Team Another World. The team is led by Samurai Showdown‘s Nakoruru, a sword-wielding priestess who is joined by her pet hawk named Mamahaha. Joining her are the stars of two of SNK’s most popular Pachinko titles. This includes the martial artist infused with dragon blood, Mui Mui, from Dragon Gal and the sky ship captain Love Heart.

You can check out the entire team in action in the brand new Another World trailer below:

Another World comprises only three of the 50 playable characters that will make up The King of Fighters XIV‘s roster. While there will be 19 new combatants in the 3-on-3 fighting game, there are even more returning favorites. These include stars like Terry Bogard and Kyo Kusanagi.

SNK will also be holding a fighting game tournament on August 19, where four of the best fighting game players will battle it out. Justin Wong, OGAWA, GO1 and sako will compete in what the developer is calling The King of Fighters XIV Dream Match. It’ll take place at 7 PM JST (3 AM PDT), and will be streamed on their Twitch channel.

Check out a trailer for that event below:

We’ll have more on The King of Fighters XIV as the PlayStation 4 exclusive nears its August 23 release date later this year. The SNK Playmore developed fighter is being published by Atlus in North America. It will support up to 6 players online.

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