Team Villains Trailer

Right before E3 2016, a new trailer The King of Fighters XIV was released showing off the fighting game’s Korean group, Team Kim. Now that the event has ended, SNK Playmore decided to put out another new trailer, but this time focusing on a different team. It’s the perfect way to bookend what has been an extremely busy week in gaming.

The latest video showcases a villainous team, which is appropriately (if not imaginatively) named Team Villains. The three-man group is led by the “King of the Underground” Xanadu, who commands a group of prisoners. Xanadau is joined by former Kim Kaphwan trainee Chang Koehan, and former butcher (both legally and illegally) Choi Bounge.

You can check out the entire team in action in the brand new Team Villains trailer below:

As you can see in the Team Villains trailer, Team Villains (which is the best cheesy name) looks to be a real threat in The King of Fighters XIV. The three former prisoners, will look to wreck shop in the game’s single-player storyline, and considering their connection with Kim Kaphwan we can expect a showdown between the two groups.

Team Villains is composed of only three of the 50 playable characters that will make up the 3-on-3 fighting game’s roster. Other confirmed characters include regulars like Terry Bogard and Kyo Kusanagi, but there will be new characters as well. Almost two-fifths of the roster (19 fighters in all) will be brand new characters.

We’ll have more on The King of Fighters XIV as the PlayStation 4 exclusive nears its August 23 (or August 26 for Europe) release later this year. The SNK Playmore developed fighter is being published by Atlus in North America, and Deep Silver in Europe. It will support up to 6 players online.

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