When it boils down to how Pokémon battles have been handled in past titles, a turn-based system was quite typical. In regards to Pokkén Tournament, the combat system is relatively different. Players will be able to go arcadestyle with their opponents, button-smashing to do the most radical moves. With the eager Pokémon fans awaiting the release of Pokkén Tournament, there is kind of a fun added bonus.

Released today was a trailer giving us a good look at our favorite electric mouse kicking some hardcore butt. I’m sure you’re thinking, wait, that’s fairly usual, Pikachu has always been a Pokémon celebrity. But within this trailer is a Pikachu not many have seen before. Behold the “Masked Pikachu”. We’re unsure if this new Pikachu has any new finishing moves, but she obviously is one sparkplug of a mouse. Watch the trailer below to experience the awesomeness for yourself.

As of now, Pokkén Tournament is currently available to challenge foes in Japanese arcades. But don’t you worry Pokémon fans! In the spring of 2016, it is expected that you will be able to battle with your favorite Pokémon on your Wii U. And hey, why not give this “Masked Pikachu” a whirl in battle? From the footage shown in the trailer, she’s even got Charizard beat.

Release Date: Spring 2016
Source: Nintendo


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